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Our Approach


Camp Claret provides the most personal attention available in the camping field for children 7 to 16.


Through more than 50 years of experience and continuous development, we have created a stimulating environment for the growth and enrichment of each child.  Our adult-camper ratio

is 1:4, and we reach out for excellent leaders and the highest quality program ideas. 

Our Progression


We need time to know you and work with you to meet your goals.


We hope you will return for several years, because each year increases your leadership skills, your wilderness skills, your French language skills
and your group participation skills.


You will see how much you develop as a person
and you will also find ways to become who you
want to be.





Our Leadership


We hire leaders for their skills with people and their character, not primarily for their
wilderness skills.


We can refine our leader's wilderness skills, but we cannot teach someone how to be
a great role-model for young people.


Three leaders for each group of twelve children are handpicked from hundreds of candidates.
By the time they have passed our stringent hiring practices and intensive one-week precamp training session, they are ready to meet any challenge.



Our Concern
We focus on your individuality. Our goals promote creativity and self-expression. We want you to know how essential you are to the group.


Our leaders work to expand your abilities and fulfill your expectations. We want you to truly enjoy your time with us, and we care about you!


Our High Standards
Camp Claret strives to exceed all standards governing outdoor education.
We are accredited by the:
Quebec Camping Association.

We pride ourselves on our excellence
in the field of outdoor education.


    Camp Claret's trademark is excellence!


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