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A paradise for our campers


Camp Claret is situated on the lovely shores of Lake Elgin,
a small spring-fed crystal-clear lake in the picturesque
Eastern Townships of Quebec, near Route #161 between
St-Gérard and Stratford. It is approximately a 45 minute
drive from Sherbrooke, 1½ hour drive from Quebec and
2½ hour drive from Montreal


Check the road map and directions we have included.




  We offer our campers more than 1000 meters of magnificent
which more than adequately provides the
equipment and setting for all types of water sports:
canoeing, kayaking, wind-surfing, paddle boats, water skiing,
wakeboard, war canoes
, etc. There is no doubt that Camp Claret
is a leader in this field.

In addition to the waterfront, 500 acres of prime forest land ensure
a genuine wilderness experience along with playing fields and tent areas.




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