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Claret is one of the rare camps in Quebec to
offer campers a complete outdoor experience.







Everyone sleeps in a tent with his/her teammates and counsellors. This new
experience of a spirit of close friendship and teamwork is a fun filled adventure
as well as a wonderful learning experience. It’s an opportunity to reach beyond


“We know what we are but not what we may be.”


As you can see, each tent is well set up on a cement platform with fly or second
outer roof as a double protection against the rain. Each child has an individual cot
with foam mattress to sleep on with his/her sleeping bag.
The tents are large
and comfortable.


Living in a tent brings one closer to nature and more aware of the simple pleasures of life:
be it the chirping of the birds in the early morning, the waves splashing on the shore,
the rustle of leaves, the howling of the wind, the beauty of a sunset, the brightness
of the stars, the colors of a rainbow…


“Listen to your heart, develop that talent and follow that dream. Do what you’ve been putting off. You’ll reach higher and climb farther than you ever thought possible. You’ll be amazing.”


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