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A well-chosen staff remains Camp Claret’s most
precious asset. Our counsellors 18 years of age
and over are French speaking and all Cegep or
University students chosen with great care because
they are adult role-models for our campers.




 The Staff of 2016



A Diploma for Excellence


Several criteria are essential to becoming a candidate for the Diploma: the full
one-week intensive training program offered at pre-camp, 8 weeks of work at
Camp Claret with campers as a counsellor during a same summer as well as
4 progressive evaluations during this time with objectives to be meet. When
excellence is reached by the end of the summer, the Directors of the Camp
will very proudly give a Diploma of Excellence to the candidate.


This diploma is very significant and says a lot about the value of the person
and the quality of his/her work regarding all aspects of the camp life.
means that the counsellor has reached high standards in all of the
following criteria:


     Love of children and a quality presence with them
     Sense of responsibility
     Assimilation and meticulous respect of our safety rules
     Technical and professional know-how
     Maturity and self-confidence
     Team spirit and positive attitude
     Initiative, tenacity and work well done
     A desire to improve one’s self and high ideals
     A total commitment to the Philosophy of Camp Claret and its values
     The Counsellor has earned for himself/herself the total confidence of the Directors.


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