Dear Parents,

We sincerely hope that each member of your family is doing well and living positively in the current confinement.

Following the death of Father Carmel last January, the management team at Camp Claret shared a firm commitment to make the summer of 2020 another exceptional success and continue to offer to hundreds of children a healthy and enriching vacation.  Only a global Covid-19 tsunami could put Camp Claret on hold after 57 years of existence!  The unimaginable has become reality!

In the face of this highly contagious epidemic, it seems absolutely impossible to bring together 230 campers per session and 75 staff members employed in various roles to share the team life that is at the core of the Camp Claret experience!  All this " togetherness ", not to mention the movement of hundreds of people at the beginning and end of the sessions coming from all corners of Quebec, Ontario, the Atlantic Provinces, as well as from the United States and Europe, is inconceivable in the current context.

We will therefore not be able to guarantee an adequate response to the requirements set by Quebec's Ministry of Public Health: social distancing of 2 meters, constant disinfection of sanitary installations and equipment, prohibition to hold group activities, to favor only individual activities and not to hold gatherings.  And what do we do with the tents, evening programs, meals in the cafeteria, etc... Camp Claret would no longer be Camp Claret under these circumstances!  And most importantly, we cannot run the risk of having a single person at Camp Claret become infected.

Believe me, we are devastated to have to break the news, but we are acting with the sole purpose of preserving the physical integrity of our staff, campers and their parents by not exposing them to an insidious and invisible danger.

In addition, the Camp management team is currently working on a virtual camp project for this summer.  Starting at the end of June, you will find reminders of Camp Claret on our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. 

Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2021.

Pauline Rondeau


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