Our Director, Father Carmel, is awarded the “Medal of the Canadian Senate”

A well-deserved Medal for 2 inspiring individuals


On November 23rd at “The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada” in Montreal, Father Carmel was the recipient of the “Commemorative Medal for the 150th anniversary of the Senate of Canada”.  Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu explained that he was awarding the Medal to Canadians who were active in their communities and who, because of their generosity, dedication, volunteer service and hard work, were committed to bettering their Communities, their Provinces, their Territories into becoming better places in which to live.

As the motives for awarding this Commemorative Medal to Father Carmel were pointed out and Pauline Rondeau’s name was mentioned indicating her 51 years of faithful service as Associate Director to Camp Claret, Father Carmel immediately asked that she come to join him in sharing this honor.  The guests instantly applauded with enthusiasm confirming that Ms Rondeau also well deserved alongside Father Carmel the official recognition of the wonderful achievements that both are accomplishing with Camp Claret.

This Medal recognizes Father Carmel’s 55 years and Ms Pauline Rondeau’s 51 years of involvement in the field of outdoor education as Directors at Camp Claret dedicated to shape and help today’s youth find the inspiration and character needed to become tomorrow’s leaders.

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