Since 1964, Lake Elgin has been the site of an exceptional adventure: Camp Claret.

Through years of experience and continuous development, Father Carmel Lerma of the Claretian Order, founder and director of Camp Claret, has created, in a unique outdoor setting, an optimum environment for growth and enrichment for each child.


The directors, Father Carmel Lerma and Ms. Pauline Rondeau, also exercising their leadership with the camp activities for more than 50 years, are always around and highly involved with each facet of the camp experience. They have worked as a team since 1968 to develop the high standards of Quality and reach Excellence in outdoor education.


They will be there to welcome you when you arrive with your child along with their staff of 75 members.

Moreover, the continuity of Administration and Senior Staff over the years has helped to provide the camp with the fundamental values reflected in the quality of life at Camp Claret.

Camp Claret provides an ideal vacation for over 1000 campers each summer.

It is an experience filled with happiness and adventure that will be remembered forever.