founding DIRECTOR


Father Carmel Lerma, cmf  1929-2020

DIRECTOR emeritus


Ms Pauline Rondeau

Since 1964, Lake Elgin has been the site of an exceptional adventure: Camp Claret, founded and managed for 56 years by Father Carmel Lerma for the Claretian Missionaries.

Camp Claret's mission is simple: to enable everyone who comes into contact with it to grow, to experience extraordinary team life and to forge unforgettable memories.

Father Carmel's dream came true after he visited 22 lakes in search of the rare pearl that would enable him to move from dream to reality. Since then, the Camp site has developed into the magnificent wilderness environment it is today.


Father Carmel, founder and director from 1964 to 2019, and Mrs. Pauline Rondeau, director emeritus from 1968 to 2021, have developed a climate of quality and education, enabling all who come to Camp Claret to live the values that characterize it.

Both have received numerous awards for their contribution to the world of camps and their involvement with young people, including the "Torchbearer" award from the Association des Camps du Québec.

Since 2022, a new management team has been in charge of activities, and a Board of Directors has assumed governance to ensure the continuation of Camp Claret's mission.  Long may the dream so dear to Father Carmel live on!

It is an experience filled with happiness and adventure that will be remembered forever.