A total french immersion opportunity

Camp Claret is situated on the lovely shores of Lake Elgin, a small spring-fed crystal-clear lake in the picturesque Eastern Townships of Quebec, near Route #161 between St-Gérard and Stratford. It is approximately a 45 minute drive from Sherbrooke, 1½ hour drive from Quebec and 2½ hour drive from Montreal.

You have just opened the door to a wonderful summer adventure!

Why choose us? The best choice

Camp Claret is the ideal environment for outdoor activities, in a heavenly setting on the shores of Lake Elgin in the Eastern Townships. We set ourselves apart with our stimulating and enjoyable programming, the team life we experience, the values we live and the successes everyone can experience during their stay with us!

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  • Plenty of activities

    The many waterfront sports and on-land activities are sure to make you dream! And don’t forget our day-long hiking and canoe-camping excursions. wilderness trips.

  • A safe environment: 100% of our time is dedicated to helping children grow as persons.

    Certified by the Association des Camps du Québec (ACQ), Camp Claret has a ratio of one adult for every 4 campers to ensure supervision, support and guidance for everyone. Not to mention our years of experience, an outstanding management team, an on-site health professional, certified lifeguards, and kitchen and camp maintenance staff.

  • A place to develop your potential

    Through teamwork, challenging activities and outdoor life, everyone at Camp discovers their own values and strengths.

Our programs

Well thought-out for the needs of youngsters of all ages! A thrilling experience! Fun, Friends, Excitement… The most rewarding experience Adventure – Teamwork – Challenge

The spirit of adventure is always present and the youngsters are encouraged to reach beyond themselves and meet new personal challenges. The word competition is not in our vocabulary! However, the word cooperation certainly is.

Intense team life with a ratio of 1 adult per 4 campers is a characteristic of Camp Claret. As a matter of fact, all the activities of camp are performed as a team with the group’s counselors actively involved with the campers. Campers are never alone!


Feedback from parents, campers and counselors

  • What an impact Camp Claret has had!

    Whenever I have a rough day, I remember the lessons I learned at camp…There are no words to express the impact camp has had on my life.

    — Counselor

  • Camp Claret helped me discover all my potential!

    My summer as a counselor…I really learned who I was and what I want to do with my life…Camp taught me that challenging yourself is important…

    — Counselor

  • Thanks to Camp Claret, my son has enhanced his self-confidence

    Since my son went to camp, he has a lot more confidence in himself and he is more helpful.  He has stepped up as a role model to his younger siblings and also his cousins.

    — Parent

  • Camp Claret changed the life of my daughters

    My daughters went to camp in July and came home with such a positive outlook on life.  They enjoyed it tremendously and learned how to overcome fears and try new tasks.

    — Parent

  • Camp Claret gave confidence to my son

    Camp was the best experience of our son’s life. It gave him more confidence…he felt like he was part of this big family.

    — Parent

  • Camp Claret helped me reach beyond what I thought possible!

    Before camp I was an average kid who never did anything. I never tried any new adventures. Camp helped me experience things that every kid should do in their lifetime.

    — Camper

  • A wonderful experience!
    Camp has been the best experience. I’ve learned life is about creating yourself.

    — Camper

  • I met new and extraordinary people at Camp Claret
    The relationships I made at camp will forever stay with me.

    — Camper

    Camp counsellors

    Do you want a chance to exercise your leadership skills?


    Questions on how Camp Claret operates in a totally French immersion experience?


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