For campers and their parents, certification offers you a guarantee of the services you can expect and it serves as a precious tool in the management of the safety and the quality of its activities.

Since 1961, the Quebec Camping Association has developed substantial expertise regarding camps for children. It is THE reference source for everything affecting Quebec camps, and has acquired considerable credibility among the various parties concerned with recreation, health, education, the family and the media.

In Quebec, more than 150 camps follow the high standards of quality of QCA.


Camp Claret, founded in 1964, was one of the first camps to be recognized when the accreditation program began in 1967.

Since then, every 3 years, the overseers for certification recognize as praiseworthy the conformity of Camp Claret with the high standards of its program relative to security, ratio of campers to adults, well-trained staff, quality of the outdoor education with multiple activities offered, as well as a hearty balanced diet and a much-valued evening program.


Camp Claret is a leader in the Quebec Camping Association Community!


In 2011, the ACQ recognized the exceptional contribution of Camp Claret in the field of camping and outdoor education for children!

This fact was highlighted in the certification report written up by Mr. Eric Beauchemin, Director General of the Quebec Camping Association.

These were his word when explaining what made Camp Claret exceptional : « par son esprit de camp, la qualité de ses thématiques et de ses systèmes d'émulation bien adapté aux campeurs et campeuses de tous âges.  Le travail admirable de l'équipe de direction ainsi que la formation poussée des moniteurs ont aussi joué en sa faveur. Le Camp Claret est aussi un excellent exemple de transmission de valeurs durables. »

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Extracts from a few of our Certification reports…

2014 Report

« 48 consecutive years devoted to creating an ideal outdoor education environment where human values have priority.  Thousands of children have had the chance to grow, share and be happy!  Father Carmel and Pauline succeeded to meet this incredible challenge:

  • Because of the power of their leadership;
  • Because of their natural talent to work with children inspired by love and respect;
  • Because of their work ethics, their creative approach and their commitment to reach excellence.

You have here in a nut-shell the incredible story of Camp Claret, a story of tenacity and dedication! »
(QCA Consultant: 2014 report)

2008 Report

« Exceptional team, active and engaged young people, warm welcome; let there be no doubt, Camp Claret knows what it means to strive for excellence! »

« Adult-Camper ratios exceed the requirements of the Association.  Father Carmel, founder and Director of Camp Claret inspires passion, commitment and dedication as well as deep respect.  Many senior staff members have been with the camp for several years.  One feels the total commitment of everyone for the camp and for the children. »
(QCA Consultant: 2008 report)




Founder of Camp Claret in 1964, Father Carmel can certainly be proud of his accomplishment.It is with gratitude that the Quebec Camping Association chose to honor Father Carmel by naming him as honorary co-president of the 2008 World Conference held in Quebec City. On this occasion, at the international dinner, he was awarded the 1st Award of Excellence of the QCA to highlight his passion for camping for the past 45 years and his quest for excellence and dedication to the education of the youth.

Father Carmel has always been very active in the development and life of the Quebec Camping Association and he is an inspiration for many of its members.

Canadian Camping Association

The Canadian Camping Association is a National Non-profit Federation of provincial camping associations that has as a Mission to be dedicated to the growth, development and promotion of organized camping for all populations in Canada.
« Certification is the identification and assurance of high quality professional camping practices. »