Once your child is registered for camp, your role as a parent is crucial in preparing him/her mentally and emotionally to leave home for an extended period of time to go to camp. There is also a need to prepare him/her for the language and culture transition.

ages 7 to 11

Jean-Rieurs and Étincelles

for teenagers,
ages 12 to 16

Boucaniers and Claire-Nature


for Jean-Rieurs and Étincelles
(youngsters 7 to 11)

The experience of coming to camp must be a positive one for your child. It is important to talk about the many activities which your child will have a chance to learn and practice, the new friends he/she will meet and the good times they will have together.

Since everything goes on in French, it is possible that at first he/she will not always understand what the counsellors are saying, but there will always be someone in the group, be it another camper or one of the counsellors, who will be able to help with the translation.

Most of all, your child must be aware that there always are 2 or 3 counsellors with the group at all times to assure security and well-being for every child. This preparation will increase their keenness to come to camp for this new total French immersion experience.


For Boucaniers and Claire-Nature 
(teenagers, ages 12 to 16)

Your teens will be thrilled to know that adventure and team spirit are the basis of life at Camp Claret. Through the many activities we offer, your teenager will develop self-trust, the first step toward becoming a responsible, resourceful and resilient human being.

Character builds slowly and Camp Claret’s Mission is precisely focused on that purpose. What they do need is support, explanation, encouragement, opportunities to be responsible, and invitations to think for themselves. Make sure to visit our web site as well as our Facebook page with your child or teenager; it will give you an opportunity to discuss what is more of a challenge for him/her, get acquainted with its activities as well as the site and its buildings. All of this will help children better adjust to life at Camp Claret.