A wide selection of exciting adventures… yours for the challenge…!

Camp Claret offers teenage boys the opportunity of experiencing an intense team life where friendship and adventure are the key words. Thrilling activities and new challenges will be occasions to develop responsibility and increase self-confidence.

UN BOUCANIER ÉPANOUI ET HEUREUX…Un boucanier épanoui et heureux c’est un « homme de caractère » qui a acquis une autonomie personnelle, qui a réalisé la prise en charge de sa vie, qui est capable d’être responsable de lui-même et des autres et qui s’est fixé un idéal de vie à atteindre.

Vivre selon ces principes constitue un défi de taille et un idéal de vie élevé, mais chaque adolescent est guidé et encouragé par deux ou trois moniteurs qui l’aideront à s’épanouir dans un climat où règnent le respect de l’autre, la joie et l’entraide.

The wisdom, strength and character that are gained! 

Camp Claret’s exceptional waterfront facilities offer our teenage boys the opportunity to practice all sorts of aquatic activities as well as Horseback Riding and many others:

  • → Canoeing
  • → Kayaking
  • → Regattas
  • → Sailing
  • → Waterskiing
  • → Windsurfing
  • → Swimming
  • → Snorkelling
  • → Pedal boat
  • → Wakeboard
  • → Paddle Board
  • → Or-Can-Cam Rally
  • → Bouldering
  • → Climbing
  • → Orienteering
  • → Rifling
  • → Orienteering
  • → Woodsman skills
  • → Evening programs
  • → Survival skills
  • → Gymnastics
  • → Obstacle course
  • → Triathlon
  • → Athletics
  • → Camping
  • → Archery
  • → Meteorology, etc.

Two nature outdoor trips : Highlight of their experience at Camp Claret

Backpacking trips are designed to teach outdoor skills and foster self-achievement through team-building. It is our goal to provide an experience in which each participant may develop mentally and physically.  We wish to empower our teenage boys with a healthy dose of self-confidence.

Moreover, the 2-day canoe-camping Rally on Lake Elgin allows campers to practice their new learnt skills in orienteering, and succeed the challenge of crossing the lake through teamwork and will power.

Learning to go beyond yourself… through effort! It takes strength to be courageous and courage to be strong!

Dates and fees

2 weeks

Inscription : 75$

Pension : 1395$

1st session :

June 23rd to July 5

2nd session :

July 7 to July 19

3rd session :

July 21st to August 2nd

4th session :

August 4 to August 16