Energy, determination and a zest of reach beyond…this describes well this section of Camp Claret

Our mission is to empower our teenage girls with skills for building healthy positive relationships with themselves, others and their natural surroundings. Camp Claret lays a foundation for individuals to grow in character through fun and exciting adventure activities in an all-outdoor environment.

The Claire-Nature, girls of character!

The challenge of an incredible variety of activities…

All the ingredients are there for building self-confidence!

  • → Kayaking
  • → Windsurfing
  • → Canoeing
  • → Swimming
  • → Regattas
  • → Triathlon
  • → Camping
  • → Bouldering
  • → Backpacking
  • → Paddle Board
  • → Obstacle Course
  • → Workout
  • → Gymnastics
  • → Meteorology
  • → Orienteering
  • → Snorkelling
  • → Athletics
  • → Survival
  • → Or-Can-Cam Rally
  • → Evening programs
  • → Waterskiing
  • → Wakeboard
  • → Archery
  • → Rifling
  • → Climbing
  • → Woodsman skills
  • → Sailing, etc.

Two nature outdoor trips : Highlight of their experience at Camp Claret

Their two or three-day hiking trip is a unique opportunity to live as a team, discover their strengths and develop profound friendships. At the same time as they are putting into practice their camping skills, and developing their capacity to take initiatives, the teenage girls need to be determined and full of enthusiasm in order to embrace the goal that will bring them a step closer to growth and maturity.

The 2-day canoe-camping Rally on Lac Elgin is an opportunity to reach higher than they ever thought possible. At Camp Claret, each new day arrives with an array of opportunities just waiting for the chance to make a difference in their lives.

A love for people… a love for challenge… a summer of growing together…!

Dates and fees

2 weeks

Inscription : 75$

Pension : 1395$

1st session :

June 23rd to July 5

2nd session :

July 7 to July 19

3rd session :

July 21st to August 2nd

4th session :

August 4 to August 16