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A total French immersion opportunity

Camp Claret is situated on the lovely shores of Lake Elgin,
a small spring-fed crystal-clear lake in the picturesque
Eastern Townships of Quebec, near Route #161 between
St-Gérard and Stratford. It is approximately a 45 minute
drive from Sherbrooke, 1½ hour drive from Quebec and
2½ hour drive from Montreal.

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Our Director, Father Carmel, is awarded the “Medal of the Canadian Senate”

Congratulations to Father Carmel and Ms Pauline Rondeau

Feedback from parents, campers and counsellors!

What an impact Camp Claret has had!

Whenever I have a rough day, I remember the lessons I learned at camp…There are no words to express the impact camp has had on my life.


Camp Claret helped me discover all my potential!

My summer as a counsellor…I really learned who I was and what I want to do with my life…Camp taught me that challenging yourself is important...


Camp Claret helped me reach beyond what I thought possible!

Before camp I was an average kid who never did anything.  I never tried any new adventures.  Camp helped me experience things that every kid should do in their lifetime.


A wonderful experience!

Camp has been the best experience.  I’ve learned life is about creating yourself.