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A total French immersion opportunity

Camp Claret is situated on the lovely shores of Lake Elgin,
a small spring-fed crystal-clear lake in the picturesque
Eastern Townships of Quebec, near Route #161 between
St-Gérard and Stratford. It is approximately a 45 minute
drive from Sherbrooke, 1½ hour drive from Quebec and
2½ hour drive from Montreal.

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Camp Claret reopens in 2022

Wonderful news for parents and campers of Camp Claret !

Feedback from parents, campers and counsellors!

What an impact Camp Claret has had!

Whenever I have a rough day, I remember the lessons I learned at camp…There are no words to express the impact camp has had on my life.


Camp Claret helped me discover all my potential!

My summer as a counsellor…I really learned who I was and what I want to do with my life…Camp taught me that challenging yourself is important...


Camp Claret helped me reach beyond what I thought possible!

Before camp I was an average kid who never did anything.  I never tried any new adventures.  Camp helped me experience things that every kid should do in their lifetime.


A wonderful experience!

Camp has been the best experience.  I’ve learned life is about creating yourself.